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Bessies Creek 24


Sorry to announce the spring episodes of Bessies Creek 24 race series have to be postponed.

Much of the farm land around the quiet country lanes we have used in previous years for the route - and which a month ago remained pastoral with horses and farming - are now being turned into massive real estate developments and are no longer safe.


We are adamant we must provide a safe environment for riding but the new reality is that the urban sprawl continues eating up the countryside and we  must look for a new location. We are having to look further out from the greater Houston area due to the rapid growth and we are scouting out areas we believe will provide an enjoyable racing experience.

We do intend to continue to stage Bessies Creek races, although it will no longer anywhere near water course west of Brookshire known as Bessies Creek. We will however retain the name.


Look for Bessies to be on the calendar again later in the year at its new location. 6/12/24 Hour races will be held with the 24 Hour being a RAAM qualifier.

Any questions: Text or email


Ken Jessett

Race Director

713 502 6284 (text)



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