Bessies Creek 24

We look forward to welcoming you on 2,3,4 April 2020 in Brookshire, Texas.

The average temperature for the first weekend of April is 76 for a high and 58 for a low. Nice!

Bessies Creek is an ultra race around a 13.8 mile road circuit over 6/12/24 hours or 511 miles.

The 24 Hour and Gulf Coast 511 races are RAAM qualifiers. 400 miles for men and 370 miles for women in the 24 Hour race and 36 hours for men and 42 hours for women in the 511 mile race.

The route is relatively flat with fairly light traffic and has numerous facilities such as convenience stores and fast food outlets in the immediate neighborhood of the race HQ. Having the race staged at the La Quinta hotel allows racers to take lodgings next to the starting line if desired and there is also ample space for racers to set out their personal pit-stops.

Every 13.8 miles racers will return to the starting line next to the timing stations where they can refuel and can either relax there or continue through as they eat up the miles.


Racers compete against the clock and one another to Win their class outright or Age Group or just to see how many miles they can clock in the time.

All types of human powered wheeled machines are allowed in their own category and the results page will show the standings of each category. All new records it will be listed on the Records page.

Everyone is welcome. Camaraderie and friendly competition mark Bessies Creek races and awards will be given and a raffle held at the pizza joint after the races.

Registration is now open at Bike Reg:


We hope to see you the first weekend in April in Brookshire, Texas

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Ken Jessett

Race Director

713 502 6284 (text)