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Bessies Creek 24


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Bessies Creek races are being postponed.

The next Bessies Creek 24 race series will be held on April 4,5,6, 2024 with the 515 mile race starting 7:00 PM Thursday 4th.  Registration will be via the form provided on the Registration tab.

Fill in the form, send it to the email address shown below.

Payment will be made at the race site up to one hour prior to each race start with cash, check, PayPal or The Square.

Cut-off date for registering will be March7, 2024. There will be no registering on-site, only racers pre-registered will be allowed to race.

The course route is shown on the route tab.

Race HQ will be La Quinta on I 10 and FM 1489.

For hotel details and special rate call: 281 375 888

ask for the Supervisor Ellie

Any questions: Text or email


Ken Jessett

Race Director

713 502 6284 (text)



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